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Friendship Is Deep

by Golden Shoulders

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and i can't just sit here thinking "my fleet is sinking, make room at the bottom of the sea" or, "don't upset the wealthy, it's unhealthy," everyone has a price, sometimes i have two and if i lack point or purpose on the surface it's only 'cause i was trying to fit in and some years are uneventful inconsequential and some years i don't show up at all and i will build a wall to watch it tilting knock it over, start rebuilding just to keep from wasting time salute the march of the newly peaceful from the mine shaft to the steeple to the courthouse and back again why don't you don't i join the protest i'm still asleep, you're not impressed and we'd be better off uninvolved o come on, come on tell me something sell me something or i'm jumping and i cannot live that way for long and you know this requires discussion or preferably, a concussion why can't we talk about something good?
it's not smart or clever to plug in the machine and pull the lever it's a mistake and it's a mistake to tell you that it's a mistake but even so, i'll tell you, it's a mistake you have gone from thinking what you thought to learning how to rot don't ever do that again you're upset when no one sees you've grown, your voice is not your own don't ever do that again you were groomed to be perfect for the part, then say you're much too smart to ever do that again you have done what you knew wasn't right, and wasted your whole life, don't ever do that again
pull on your boots and stand up straight get back in bed and sleep too late the battlefield will go unstained by abandoned tanks and wrecks of planes if no one cares, then no one fights and no one falls from brutal heights into the camps of enemies with whom they somewhat disagree golden soldiers ignore the alarms and your shoulders beg, lay down your arms is it worth the fight and worth the pain to lose your right to complain? let marksmen try their best to miss their targets will be glad for this the sad ones stay in sad platoons they'll leave behind the trenches soon the trench is put to better use by planting seeds that will produce fine trees carved with initials of the lucky ones who fall in love surrender is a noble end for fights with nothing to defend and there won't be reasons for the fight once soldiers of the world unite
the word hit my street i found out, i found out meant nothing to me but look out, yeah look out bad news can't come cheap i found out now nothing's all right the light that came on was blinding, yeah blinding and then it was gone but i will remember and i won't move on i found out now nothing's all right help me, help me to comprehend why the people i choose to offend doubt my motives are true and sincere i can't tell them what they'd like to hear the word hit my street i found out now nothing's all right
oh, here's this again a two-minute warning wake up, get out it's nearly morning we were the tails of dogs and the chisels of engravers now we are the podiums of the great communicators it is not a fear of heights it's a fear of getting taller by standing on a stack of borrowed dollars this is a test this is a test i will not pass, i realize there's a name for those who know and a room for those who wonder and a "no" for every name that's not followed by a number every picture's an impostor waiting to be redesigned and hung in a home for the criminally blind and you should never trust someone who is smarter than you are and you won't ever hear from those who've got farther than you are 'cause you are who you are
oh, is this the new breed that i read about in the papers do they confuse me as suggested by the papers they're pulling flowers to get the weeds blame the mess on the new breed hang them up by their necks make them pay for being smarter now you're a success and you can't go any farther they're pulling flowers to get the weeds blame the rest on the new breed oh no, i think i might have been wrong oh no, i think i might have been wrong what'd you say, boy, what'd you say, boy? they're pulling flowers to get the weeds blame yourself on the new breed
our way of life must be preserved for those of us with the nerve to never ask why things must be and never doubt the committee dissent must be dealt with quick the business end of a brick is just the thing in the event a busy mind needs punishment the committee does not approve of the people with the point of view that the committee really serves no use they are no good, they've got no excuse and we are out to bring down those who would hinder or oppose our attempts to search this town in our attempts to bring them down and anyone who has tried to get through life not taking sides should be locked up and never heard so that order can be preserved and we are now scheduling talks for shorter piers and longer walks and we approve those who discuss how they approve of us the committee does not approve of the people with the point of view that the committee really serves no use they are no good, they've got no excuse to be no good and there's no excuse for the committee to serve no use for the people with the point of view that the committee does not approve
Years 01:42
if i live a hundred years i want to see that boy broken and if i live for fifty years i want to see that boy broken and if i live for three more years i want to see that boy broken i'm not joking, no, not me it's not much of a threat but i don't really care yet i could stick around and sulk for years moving on is for better men and i'm not one of them i will stick around and sulk for years
I Get Over 04:09
i'm told i take compliments well for such a lowly infidel then i thought about it i don't expect that i'll admit to being the best candidate i don't speak the language i get by, i get over i get by, i get over it's just my age that prevents a change in place of residence i'm not getting any older with nothing left to achieve just when i got up to leave i found out that i ran out with distance between we are doomed to be relieved when it's gone
everybody's trying to be my villain and i was unaware of the vacancy some people predict bad news and hope it never happens and others are content to assume authority and maybe someday i will not be destitute and i will be kicked by a better brand of boot everybody's trying to be my villain the line keeps getting longer and that cannot be good i guess i should be grateful for all of the attention i guess i should be bitter that i'm never understood i asked them for a hand and they lifted a finger due to some concerns about losing their grip i understood completely and thanked them for the effort but i'm not one for breaking bottles on a sinking ship
Believe Me 02:30
believe me, i'm unconvinced that self defense serves any sort of purpose this time and if i've broken ranks send in the tanks or something else as heavy if you can believe me i know i've been wrong before i'm likely to be wrong some more it seems the pacifist just got his wish all those who beat on him are getting theirs and if his plans are shot, the culprit caught will crumble just like nothing, as before i don't need anything from anyone and i would leave if i could live with what i've done
O Come On 05:03
don't act like you're an architect you're just the house i built i put you in your place and that's where you will be don't listen when you're spoken to you know all you need to know you've seen all you want to see and it was all right o come on, it's not as though you're any good o come on, there's nothing left to learn o come on, there's reasons you're not strong enough o come on, you're worth more than you deserve i have lost the urge to roam through no fault of my own so leave me, leave me i like it here
because I was, on the other hand, intact, then cracked, then a broken man now a broken man but I tripped myself intentionally and let myself fall expertly where I don't want to be where no one ought to be let my burden be broken just as I was by my burden broken all the time in fact, what I lacked in solid ground came back, and with that I stopped falling down I stopped falling down it doesn't matter, I'm battered from the brawl and left to wonder if it was deep at all
the last time this happened I became who I am we cannot risk the same happening again so we must be patient despite provocation you'll go where you will and I'll ponder starvation if you felt like I feel you'd be writing out your will and practicing the art of staying perfectly still so patience darling, patience though you feel you might collapse I am growing you a garden you are drawing me a map and if I felt like you feel I'd be skeptical at best knowing what I'd know about how I am with tests


This is the second full-length Golden Shoulders album.


released August 24, 2004

Adam Kline: vocal, guitar, piano, percussion
Adrienne Beatty: vocal
Brett Shady: vocal
Charla Ausman: vocal
Dan Elkan: electric guitar, the vibes, vocal
Dana Gumbiner: vocal, samples
Dave Brockman: piano, the drums
Ehren Haas: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Greg Brown: guitar
Jason Graham: electric guitar, bass guitar, vocal
Josh Klinghoffer: bass guitar
Lee Bob Watson: piano, bass guitar, trumpet, vocal
Marc Snegg: bass guitar
Neal Morgan: the drums, percussion,vocal
Simon Weller: vocal
Todd Roper: the drums, percussion, vocal

Recorded by Dana Gumbiner.


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Golden Shoulders Nevada City, California

Golden Shoulders is a band from Nevada City, California.


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