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Get Reasonable

by Golden Shoulders

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Mountain 02:57
this is my caper; fighting fire with paper though everyone here can attest I'm more starving than artist but if it's theft, then let's not treat it like it's murder 'cause besides theft, there's nothing I like less than murder and if the mountain will not come to me I will settle for the sea you climb the mountain cause it's there get a new mountain and get reasonable you play the part so well this is what I meant judging books by their content in spite of all I will maintain I've been accused of being framed but I'll resist arrest just like some messed-up vandal while trophies of conquests clutter my desk and mantle I know the mountain will not come to me I will settle
because I was, on the other hand, intact, then cracked, then a broken man now a broken man but I tripped myself intentionally and let myself fall expertly where I don't want to be where no one ought to be let my burden be broken just as I was by my burden broken all the time in fact, what I lacked in solid ground came back, and with that I stopped falling down I stopped falling down it doesn't matter I'm battered from the brawl and left to wonder if it was deep at all
your new opponent leaves no air to breathe you should just accept you're cursed, then get in the hearse and leave not how you planned it not to suggest you planned it's what nobody predicted back when you were in demand make no mistake, yeah, believe me or don't but I have gone through what you're going through your golden moment punctured fast and sunk your ambition's got your ethics knocked unconscious in the trunk how can you stand it you can't believe a word your corrupt new course of action letting no lie go unheard
unsatisfied with just being a liar I became the world's worst preacher preaching to the world's worst choir but I could not maintain such strict standards of quality so I ditched my flock and mocked them for believing me resenting the choice that is forced to either be unwashed or great as though we'll grow bitter and old or remain in these golden states I made modest attempts to get what I had required from impartial points of view I came close and then retired but I learned to compromise or to fake it convincingly I advised the little ones just to keep calm and carry me yeah, remember where you come from and how we got where we are now by doing what we had to for as long as time allowed it's not a question of succession or whose coattails got nailed down we're the latest in a long line of lucky little towns
Little Nixon 04:43
little nixon down at the bottom of the barrel trying to pick out your replacement don't look so stunned but I don't like your mission, I don't like your mission statement and you're making it known after you've made it clear that this party was dead before you got here little nixon so its better to be feared than it is to be respected 'cause everyone knows the truth'll set you free but it won't get you elected and to fall for it once would be ill-advised those who fell for it twice, line up and apologize you can't leave us too soon but at the bottom of every white house there's a little white room where you can pretend the world's ending soon little nixon you came in like a cowboy you ended up a trainwreck least favorite son tarnished the family name, though the name itself was suspect and when history decides you'll come out on top on the list of the creeps who refused to stop
half the time, you're not awake and half the time you're sleeping your view obstructed by your lids meanwhile unobserved by you and yours they'll come by thousands or at least by hundreds unconcerned is not impressive anymore this is your last chance there'll be no more no more no more no more they're planting bad seeds in bad soil and selling us the fruit though we won't fall for that again they're living underground they're safe way down in their bunkers and only happy counting down from ten uninformed is not allowed here anymore this is your last chance there'll be no more no more no more no more they were born to play the disloyal opposition there's no bad news for you that you didn't give permission it's not that they misunderstand it's that they sincerely don't want to understand unaware doesn't cut it anymore this is your last chance there'll be no more no more no more no more
oh honey, please, will you take pity on a poor boy with more money now than sense don't want to hear all about the way the world works I don't want time or distance I had a nickel for every time I heard that and to no one's great surprise I wasted every dime on food and shelter and was roundly criticized even even though I might stop I know what I think and I've been thinking a lot it may be time now to consider other offers cause it's later than you think you have seen me all surrounded by those bright lights don't it make my blue eyes blink I haven't always known why but I got the general idea obvious and unknown at the end of the year
oh please explain yourself I won't understand 'cause if I die alone and sad rest assured you can take credit if I have regrets at all then I regret the next five minutes 'cause I have never made a claim or claimed an understanding of where to place the blame that wasn't where you're standing you must have thought you'd never be caught and you're practiced enough to deny or some fiction you'd learned created concerns that allowed you to justify I'm too kind to take a life and too tired to make a living with too much self-regard to take advice I'm given either way, you'll insist it should be dismissed and wounds like these heal with time but your death from old age just sets the stage I will reclaim what is mine
I Was Robbed 03:02
I was robbed - I was swindled by a desperate dying man and I thought I can't go through going through this thing again I was held up for days and days and the price to pay was paid and paid and a gent such as I should be exempt from robbery a victimless crime up to the time it happened to me -- sweet ol' me i waited so long to get what I had and some shifty punk took my bird in hand and i lost all hope due to dishonest ways and i was held up for days and days
the last time this happened I became who I am we cannot risk the same happening again so we must be patient despite provocation you'll go where you will and I'll ponder starvation if you felt like I feel you'd be writing out your will and practicing the art of staying perfectly still so patience darling, patience though you feel you might collapse I am growing you a garden you are drawing me a map and if I felt like you feel I'd be skeptical at best knowing what I'd know about how I am with tests
Settle Down 05:06
I know I've been the ingrate and the absentee and I know you don't need a lecture from the likes of me but I've seen otherwise smart people go to waste and I've seen everything shut down and replaced settle down it's true enough you can't make up this stuff calm down use your sense of history and give up sort out the who and wait for the when and what settle down and make it brief I don't need the grief
listen closely, I've been mostly igniting you 'cause it was your turn you should know this, you didn't notice, and I'll need time myself to relearn it's not a threat, at least not yet do me this kindness, show some self-concern should this vessel be unsuccessful the water's wide but it's not deep to me listen closely I can explain this it's not at all complicated and I've been working on new ways of lurking constructing higher ground to lie below salute them quickly, their course is strictly mapped out without any room to grow we make excuses but the truth is we make a good case for complacency o come on over, we'll all get sober live long and predictably and you'll know cause I talked so slow till there was nothing left for you to learn


This is the third full-length Golden Shoulders album.


released May 5, 2009

Adam Kline - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, autoharp, tromping
Alison Schmidt - ukulele
Andrea Good - vocals
Bella Roper - triangle
Bob Good - vocals
Bobby Birdman - production
Brett Shady - vocals
Chris Plum - vocals
Dan Elkan - electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, vocals, production
Dana Gumbiner - vocals, tromping
David Nicholson - drums
David Torch - drums, vocals
Ehren Haas - electric guitar
Elissa Spencer - vocals
Garth Steel Klippert – trumpet, vocals
Greg Moore - vocals
Hunter Burgan - bass guitar
Jason Graham - bass guitar, banjo, vocals
Joanna Newsom - piano, vocals
Josh Klinghoffer - electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, electric organ, mellotron, drums
Lee Bob Watson - piano, vocals, nocandobro
Neal Morgan - drums
Pete Newsom - organ, piano
Rich Good - vocals
Rob Kieswetter - vocals
Thaddeus Stoenner - bass guitar, vocals
Thom Moore - vocals
Todd Roper – percussion, drums, vocals

Recorded by Dana Gumbiner.


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Golden Shoulders Nevada City, California

Golden Shoulders is a band from Nevada City, California.


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