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Bee 17

by Golden Shoulders

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because I was, on the other hand, intact, then cracked, then a broken man now a broken man but I tripped myself intentionally and let myself fall expertly where I don't want to be where no one ought to be let my burden be broken just as I was by my burden broken all the time in fact, what I lacked in solid ground came back, and with that I stopped falling down I stopped falling down it doesn't matter, I'm battered from the brawl and left to wonder if it was deep at all
Don’t leave me here on my back make my blue day fade to black or lose all feeling If life’s a short and fleeting thing I will not spend it threatening all those who search for meaning Don’t call it a philosophy I think it’s obscene To call something philosophy when you don’t know what it means No, I’m not trying to change your mind or make you search and maybe find some higher calling It’s just so sad to know you think the world goes dark when you blink and bruises when you’re brawling I don’t know how you get so convinced of your own innocence
pull on your boots and stand up straight get back in bed and sleep too late the battlefield will go unstained by abandoned tanks and wrecks of planes if no one cares, then no one fights and no one falls from brutal heights into the camps of enemies with whom they somewhat disagree golden soldiers ignore the alarms and your shoulders beg, lay down your arms is it worth the fight and worth the pain to lose your right to complain? let marksmen try their best to miss their targets will be glad for this the sad ones stay in sad platoons they'll leave behind the trenches soon the trench is put to better use by planting seeds that will produce fine trees carved with initials of the lucky ones who fall in love surrender is a noble end for fights with nothing to defend and there won't be reasons for the fight once soldiers of the world unite
Be be be be be Be be be be be Be be be be be Be be
Believe Me 02:44
believe me, i'm unconvinced that self defense serves any sort of purpose this time and if i've broken ranks send in the tanks or something else as heavy if you can believe me i know i've been wrong before i'm likely to be wrong some more it seems the pacifist just got his wish all those who beat on him are getting theirs and if his plans are shot, the culprit caught will crumble just like nothing, as before i don't need anything from anyone and i would leave if i could live with what i've done
Let this rainy weather clean the feathers from your heels We could slow the day down take off your crown and reveal All the spirited words of the spirited birds of the spirit of ‘78 People tell their tales with some details changed for effect Don’t make the mistake of being fake and don’t neglect Don’t think this is over it’s not over it’s just small If it doesn’t end in tears it doesn’t end at all


Originally released as exceedingly rare (limited to 20 copies! in the whole world!) lathe-cut records in 2005 (if you need one, check Discogs). Digitally released for the first time in 2006.


released June 28, 2005

Adam Kline - vocals, guitar
Neal Morgan - drums, percussion, vocals

Recorded by Dana Gumbiner
Album cover portrait art by Emily Prince


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Golden Shoulders Nevada City, California

Golden Shoulders is a band from Nevada City, California.


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